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The Line today: Southern section – Colehouse Lane to Weston

Although very little of the line can be clearly seen today, if you know where to look the route of the line can be seen in places (and sometimes walked). The Main map shows the general route, and using the Detail Maps button on station pages, the route of the line and location of most stations can be found. ‘The Line Today’ is split into Northern section, Clevedon section and Southern sections. This page shows the southern section i.e. Colehouse Lane to Weston-Super-Mare.

Tip: To help to locate the route, look for electricity sub-stations. They were often positioned on the old track bed, because generally ownership of the land was unknown after the closure of the line.

Some of the places where you can still see traces of the line or the route it followed are starting from Colehouse Lane and going south :                    

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Colehouse Lane

Colehouse Lane was the first halt going south from Clevedon. The photo on right was taken in April 2006 looking back towards Clevedon. The lane in the foreground is Colehouse Lane. Colehouse Lane halt originally stood to the right behind the fence, but it was moved to the other side of the line to make room for the BBC transmitter station in 1939. The transmitter cables can be seen at far right. It is believed that the dark area of tarmac is where the track ran. See detail map.

Colehouse Lane

Near Broadstone halt

This view taken from the site of Broadstone halt showing the track bed looking towards Clevedon. This is private land.


Ham Lane

Photo on right was taken in April 2006 looking towards Weston. Ham Lane itself runs across the picture. The Ham Lane halt building was on the left while the track ran across the road to the right where the fence now is.

Ham Lane

North of River Yeo

Photo on right is of the track bed between the River Yeo and Ham Lane, and is on private land. Taken during a WC&P Railway Group route survey in February 2008.

Trackbed near River Yeo

Wharf at River Yeo

Remains of the wharf still exist but are on private land.

See Wharf page for more details and pictures taken in April 2006.


River Yeo Bridge

Piers of the bridge still exist but are on private land.

See Yeo bridge page for more details and pictures taken in April 2006.

River Yeo bridge remains

Wick St Lawrence

This photo is taken from the crossing at Wick Road looking along the old track bed north towards the Yeo bridge and Clevedon. The halt would have been in the left foreground, while to the right of the fence was a siding. In the distance the siding to the wharf turned off to the left. A shared use path is to be built on this stretch in 2021 including a replica of Wick St Lawrence halt.

Wick St Lawrence halt

Ebdon Lane

Ebdon Lane runs across the photo on right which is taken looking north towards Clevedon. Ebdon Lane halt was just to the right behind the pole.

Ebdon Lane halt site

This photo shows the old track bed looking from the River Banwell towards Ebdon Lane and the halt. This section is now open to the public.


This area of land is now used for flood defence purposes and is open to the public. There is a network of connecting paths and a footbridge crossing the River Banwell, linking the modern housing to this public space. At this point there is an Interpretation Board installed by the WC&P Railway Group in Sept 2018.


The route is completely built over by the housing estates at the north side of Worle, but a footpath now follows the route of the line between Worle High Street and Station Road. A retirement development stands on the site of Fussell’s rubber factory, which itself was preceded by a gas works. See Worle station page.

At the site of Worle station, the WC&P Railway Group erected an Interpretation Board in October 2015. Other boards have also been erected. See Interpretation Boards page for locations.

Weston terminus site

The site of the terminus can be seen at the junction of Ashcombe Road and Milton Road. The terminus was where the florists now stand. The house was owned by the railway, and upstairs was the home of the Traffic Manager. A footpath/cycleway, ‘Colonel Stephens Way’, between the florists and house now runs along the route of the track through the station. See Weston Ashcombe Road station.

This footpath runs along the line of the track in the terminus station. These houses used to look onto the station. This view is taken roughly from the buffer stops looking towards Clevedon.

See also Then & now

Ashcombe Road

In August 2021, the WC&P Railway Group erected an Interpretation Board at the site of Ashcombe Road station. This was to replace the original erected in December 2011. The Group also erected signage naming the route of the old trackbed here as ‘Colonel Stephens Way’ in 2011.

The Group has erected other boards – see Interpretation Boards page for more details and location maps.


Colonel Stephens Way sign

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Worle interpretation board Track bed  looking from River Banwell towards  Ebdon Lane Discover Somerset's Lost Railway booklet The WC&PR Then & Now book

These two publications will be very useful when researching or exploring the line. Click on either book to view in the WC&P Railway Group on-line shop.

Weston terminus site New interpretation board at Ashcombe Road 2021