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The Line today

Although very little of the line can be clearly seen today, if you know where to look the route of the line can be seen in places (and sometimes walked). The Main map shows the general route, and using the Detail Maps button on any Station page, the route of the line and location of each station can be found.

This page has been split into three sections:

Northern (Portishead to Walton Park) Section

Clevedon Section

Southern (Colehouse Lane to Weston-super-Mare) Section

Tip: To help to locate the route, look for electricity sub-stations. They were often positioned on the old track bed, because generally ownership of the land was unknown after the closure of the line.

A few parts of the line can now be walked or cycled. See Cycleways

The WC&P Railway Group has installed a number of interpretation boards along the route.

These two publications will be very useful when researching or exploring the line. Click on either book to view on the WC&P Railway Group on-line shop.

The WC&PR Then & Now book Discover Somerset's Lost Railway booklet