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Models of the WC&P Railway – Introduction

EM gauge layouts by Andrew Ullyott

This railway makes a wonderful subject for model railways. Excellent examples are Andrew Ullyott’s superb 4mm/ft scale EM gauge layouts of Ashcombe Road and Clevedon.

Both of Andrew’s layouts featured in a special WC&P Anniversary Exhibition in Portishead on Sunday 22 Oct 2017.

N gauge layout of River Yeo crossing

A unique N gauge model of the River Yeo crossing built by Stephen Ash. It was first exhibited at the WC&P Anniversary Exhibition in Portishead on Sunday 22 Oct 2017.

N gauge diorama of All Saints, Clevedon

Clevedon resident Andrew Hobson has built an excellent N gauge diorama of All Saints Clevedon. He actually lives at this location, but in a modern house. It’s literally a shelf layout, being built to fit onto a shelf in his study.

O gauge layout by Nailsea Model Railway Club

An O gauge layout of the WC&PR was built by Nailsea Model Railway Club in the 1980s(?) and featured heavily in a BBC TV programme about the WC&PR. Sadly the layout has since been dismantled and sections mostly dispersed or broken up.

O gauge models by Richard Chaplin

Scratch-built models.

Drawings for modelling

Drawings of Hesperus and the Lancaster carriage can be bought from Col. Stephens Society.

Christopher Redwood’s book ‘The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway’ has scale drawings of Hesperus, Lancaster carriage, and large Drewry railcar. See Books page.

Andrew Ullyott's 'Clevedon' layout Models-River Yeo Terrier O gauge loco Models-All Saints Models - NMRC

If you know of any other WC&P models which could be featured here, please let me know. Contact

Models on the Market

A number of WC&PR models have been available recently on the market ready made (such as the Antics Dapol Terrier opposite) or in kit form. They are often limited edition models so are not available for long.

Terrier No 4 O gauge model from Antics