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Ebdon Lane halt Distance from Weston: 3.1 miles

Site of Ebdon Lane haltIn the main photo below Ebdon Lane crosses in the foreground. It was an ungated crossing. There was originally also a milk platform. The small photo shows the same spot today looking in the same direction. The halt would have been behind the telegraph pole where there is now a bungalow.

The route of the line can still be seen at this point in both directions and can now be walked for about 315 metres towards Worle up to the River Banwell. The WC&P Railway Group installed an Interpretation board in Sept 2018 at Spinners’ End Bridge about 100 metres from the track bed.

See also The line today - South. See also detail map.

Ebdon Lane halt

December 1938 - Looking towards Clevedon

Photo reproduced with permission from The Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway by Peter Strange published by Twelveheads Press